Introduction to 2017 Massachusetts Report

  • Finding The Best Healthcare You Can Afford:  Massachusetts Edition 2017 was published in March.  The purpose of this report is to help healthcare consumers obtain the highest quality healthcare they can afford through careful selection of health plans and healthcare providers, which choices are inter-dependent.  Nearly all health plans limit provider choices to some extent.  Not all doctors accept all health insurance plans.  Not all doctors have admitting privileges to the best or most conveniently located hospitals.  And not all primary care physicians have relationships with the specialists you would choose for yourself and your family.  This report, while focused on Massachusetts, recommends a consumer oriented approach that is applicable anywhere in the U.S.
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    A majority of people now rely on the internet to choose a doctor…Choosing a physician in a metropolitan area can be overwhelming…

    Finding the Best Healthcare You Can Afford  has been written to help the healthcare consumer choose a doctor, a hospital and a health plan.  It highlights the best of breed and analyzes hospital outcomes data to give the consumer a fresh perspective on hospitals.  To peek inside the report, look at the Excerpts from Report, which includes the Introduction to the report and to each of the three sections:

    I. How to Choose a Doctor,

    A well chosen website can quickly narrow down the choices…

    II. How to Choose a Hospital

    The chart below compares general acute care in the Boston, New York and Long Island.

    Boston Hospitals safer than New York/Long Island Hospitals 

    A new study by Amory Associates  finds that Boston are hospital outperform New York and Long Island hospitals in several different measures of safety, including rates of deaths and complications, and safety assessments by  Medicare and the Leapfrog Group.

    Visit How to Choose a Hospital for more about the Hospital Safety Comparison:
    Greater Boston & New York/Long Island

    Finding the Best Healthcare You Can Afford also devotes chapters to specialties such as cancer, cardiology, maternity, pediatrics, orthopedics and emergency care and a chapter on surgical outcomes organized by doctor.

    III. How to Choose a Health Plan.

    The purpose of this section is to provide you with the knowledge, terminology and resources to choose a health plan that is most suited to the readers’ needs and those of his or her family.


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